Friday, January 25, 2008

Time !

In the world of transit everything is about time. You the riders look at the schedule and it said we're due at a certain stop at 11:33 am ,But instead I arrive at 11:35 am. Don't start yelling at the operator's because we're "TWO" minutes late. In transit if you're "TWO" minutes down your doing "GOOD". Public Transportation is a Mass People mover not a I'm the only person that matter mover. So the next time if you need to be at your Destination at 11:39 am. I "SUGGEST" you (1)Plan Ahead (2)Catch the 11:18 am schedule and last but not least, As your standing there figuring out a way too blame the operator for not personally calling you to inform you that you need to catch the "EARLIER" schedule and holding your hand during this "WORLD" coming to a end moment, Look around! I,m pretty sure there's someone else in the same situation but you don't see them ranting & raving. They know next time they have to catch the "EARLIER" schedule. "Just A Thought"

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Quiet Nights

Recently on a Monday nite, After my train arrive at Meadowview I noticed there wasn't the normal group of 10-20 LOWLIFES FARE EVADING trouble makers that ride Night after Night. They board at the same time every nite ride to meadowview & back unless they spot a Fare Inspector or R.T unit, Then they jump off and wait for the next Train. This is a Cat & Mouse game they play nightly,But I found out just recently R.T. Units are riding Trains & Buses Undercover. And the way I found out was that as I was walking back to the train one of the R.T. Units asked me how was my Trip. I was Floored I didn't recognize this officer and I see them everyday, He went on too say this is going to be the norm from now on because dressed as everyday working people it's easier to catch them in the act, So BEWARE that person looking like a everyday working person might be a R.T. Undercover working on catching LOWLIFES in the act

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Beautiful Sight !

Last nite as I was trying to make up time on the dreaded "Meadowview" line. Being delayed at station after station by large groups of peoples with nothing better to do then ride from one end to the other end then back again. I came across the most BEAUTIFUL sight a operator can see at nite on the "PARTY LINE". Waiting at 4th ave were 3 R.T UNITS (2) were CANINE UNITS . All of a sudden you could hear a gnat pissing on cotton. It each station between 4th ave & Meadowview, The riff-raff that would get on didn't or the ones that didn't see the R.T UNITS before they got their fare evading **ses on got off in a hurry, And it continue like this from Meadowview back too 13th st where our beloved R.T UNITS exited . Yes it was a BEAUTIFUL SIGHT.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Gates Open !!

Recently R.T stated they want to put a end too" BAD BEHAVIOR", In my opinion the Horses are already out the gate ! By that I mean with the prior GM it was about the numbers but the wrong numbers. Yes at one point ridership was up, but who in their right mind would want too ride in a L.R.V with DRUG DEALERS, ROVING GANGS OF DREAD HEADS YELLING THE N-WORD every other syllable, I'm Black and I "DETEST" the word. So lets see how do you reign in" WILD BEHAVIOR". One way is SCHOOL PASSES should only be allowed between the hours of 6am-9am then again from 2pm-6pm unless they have proof that they're attending a ALT SCHOOL ,DOCTOR'S APPT or a after school activity if not "Full Fare" . (2) R.T needs too "BAN ALL FOODS & DRINKS OR HAVE CLEAN UP CREWS AT EACH END OF THE LINES". (3) Start CRACKING DOWN on TROUBLE MAKERS, R.T know who they are. If you cause problems BAN THEM FOR A MONTH OR LONGER, If they're caught back on the TRAINS & BUSES have them ARRESTED. After walking everwhere for about a month or so I'm pretty sure their ATTITUDE would change , But it wont work if "R.T DON'T STICK TO THERE GUNS" Just a Thought !

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I Wonder !

I wonder if R.T. really know why ridership is declining ! Could it be the "FOUL LANGUAGE", The people that urinate in the seats and stairwells in full view of anyone standing within eye contact, the roving gangs of "DREAD HEADS, PANHANDLERS, or DRUG DEALERS" that feel they can do as they please without any consequence, The answer is" YES". In my job as a" OPERATOR" we are required to report "ILLEGAL ACTIVITY", but here's the kicker " IF IT'S NOT WITNESSED BY A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER OR TRANSIT OFFICER" , You & I are basically S##T out of Luck. But if passengers are willing to stop looking the other way and use there "CELL PHONES" to notifiy the "POLICE OR SHERIFF DEPTS, And I know you have them because 99% of you have R.T. on your"SPEED DIAL", So quick to call complaining about "OPERATORS", But not the "DRUG DEALERS, PANHANDLERS, OR ROVING BANDS OF DREADHEADS", These LOWLIFES would get the messege that they can not "INTIMIDATE" you. But in my 5 plus yrs at R.T. one thing I noticed "IT'S NOT YOUR PROBLEM UNTIL IT'S YOUR PROBLEM".

Saturday, October 20, 2007

It's funny until !

I always wondered what would make a person weighing anywhere between (90 - 350 lbs) ,Walk in front of a (47) ton L.R.V if it's a single car, and think it's funny. Let me gave you some advice, "IT'S FUNNY UNTIL YOU GET HIT". I've seen people fall trying too be funny, you the public don't realize trains do not "STOP" like Buses or Cars. What slows a L.V.R down is "DYNAMIC BRAKING". This causes the drive motors to spin in reverse, even at "10 MPH" using track brakes , guess what it's not funny anymore. Now if your lucky and don't end up under 47 tons of metal , Remember "ODDS" are against you, Because if we don't get YOU one of "Sacramento's" world class "DRIVERS" will .

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why are the Trains so "FILTHY" ?

I was recently ask why R.T. Trains & Buses are so Filthy .First and foremost, Management decided it would be a good ideal to let passengers bring, " Coffee, Fastfood, Newspapers & Whatever else (except GASOLINE CANS, CAR BATTERIES, or SMALL GAS POWERED ENGINES) they could carry on" . Not taking in the fact that "75% of what they bring on stays on" . And believe me it's not just the "RIFF-RAFFS". It use to be when I got too the end of the line, I would try to pick -up as much as I could. But I stopped , So if passengers want a clean Train or Bus they need too "COMPLAIN" to R.T. not ME, If you bring it on "TAKE IT OFF " there are trash cans it every "BUS STOP or TRAIN STATION". Last but not least ,Stop "GRIPING" when you see someone leaving "TRASH" behind , Because I'm " WATCHING" you "Do" it too !